humanities at Carleton

Does anyone have feedback on what its like as a humanities (history, lit, philosophy) student at Carleton. It seems to have a reputation as being a more STEM-focused school. Are there students who are passionate about the humanities as well?

Carleton is a Liberal Arts College that is known for having great science programs, but there are many students that still study the humanities. I would suggest you look at the Common Data Set to see the breakdown of disciplines. Here is a link and you can look at as many years as you want: It is under section J.

Thank you so much… that is really useful and something I wouldn’t have thought about checking the CDS for… thank you. Would love to hear if the campus feels balanced between the liberal arts disciplines from any others as well. THANKS!

Not exactly what you are asking, but just happened to notice that Carleton has featured several class of ‘19 students’ recent Comps (senior) projects on their website (Comps Insider) Of the six featured students, 5 of their projects are humanities/arts projects and the last one is in STEM. Interestingly, the STEM project is about a film. Maybe these 6 featured Comps projects will give you a good picture of the interests and passions of Carls.

Thanks so much… again, very helpful! I appreciate all the pointers for doing research on this topic!