Humanities at CU

Hi there. My son has been admitted to CU Boulder and plans to major in English. Can anyone share recent experiences, either as a student or a parent, on the humanities experience at Boulder? How are the professors? Are folks worried about declining enrollment? How are the course offerings each semester? What else should he be thinking about in trying to decide if Boulder is the place for an English major who also loves Colorado and the outdoors? Thanks!

The English department has faculty specialists in American literature, British literature, poetry
medieval literature and more.

There is a media college , that he could also consider, the former college of Journalism-

I also like the US History faculty at CU Boulder. See Elizabeth Fenn, from Duke/Yale, Pulitzer prize winner
for her work on Native American history.

Boulder overall is a very strong university for the sciences, but still good in humanities and social sciences,
and especially strong in music.

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