Humanities Research Scholarship

Hi everyone, I was wondering if any current student or another prospective student has any info about Eckerd’s Humanities Research Scholarship. From the short description on Eckerd’s website, this looks like something that I would be interested in, but I would like to know a few more details about the program. Any info would be appreciated!

P.S. I already tried contacting Eckerd for more info… emailed my admissions counselor about 3 weeks ago and no response yet.

@mandy563, my 2 children graduated from Eckerd and I stilll have contacts there. I will reprint an email that was going out to applicants and some contact info. It’s being led by history professor Adam Guerin and religious studies professor Amy Langenberg. Their email addresses are and, respectively.

The application and information about the program is online at

Below is the email that was going out today:

The college has recently received a prestigious grant from the Mellon Foundation to enhance student research in the humanities. As part of this grant, we are launching an innovative team-taught research methodology course, available only to selected first-year students interested in studying the humanities.

In this course, entitled “Race and Sex Across Cultures", we will be looking at the history of ideas about race and sex cross-culturally, social adaptations and political exploitations of those ideas, and on-the-ground experiences of being raced and sexed.

Students will work closely with professional scholars (us!) on student-designed original research. Our hope is that student work generated in this course will be publishable.

In addition, first-year students involved in the Mellon humanities program at Eckerd will participate in special programming and receive a $1,000 stipend.

Please feel free to contact either or both of us if you have questions about thisopportunity. We hope to see you in our classroom next fall at Eckerd!

Dr. Adam Guerin
Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Amy Langenberg
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies