Humboldt State or UC Davis?

<p>Hello all,</p>

<p>I'm looking for some insight here. I'm currently torn between which college I should transfer to. I currently am accepted to Humboldt State and UC Davis and am awaiting a response from UCBerkeley but I am pretty sure I don't want to go there (the city of Berkeley is disgusting and theres way too many undergrads). I am majoring in environmental science and I've visited both Davis and Humboldt and I loved them both, with the edge going to Humboldt because I love the redwoods. I was wondering what the general consensus is about how these schools stack up? I'm definitely not interested in hearing heavily opinionated responses without a substantial basis for your opinions, so please no "Humboldts a stoner school" or "Theres nothing to do in Davis" unless you've been there and put an effort into your college experience and education. To give you a general idea of what I'm interested in here's a few things about the type of student I am. I have a 3.8 GPA and I'm a hardworking student and I often get involved in extra curricular activities and I am definitely looking to get involved in internships and research. I'm also looking to go to a school that has a reputation for having students with a lot of school pride and a tight knit community. The opportunity to get to know my professors and approach them with questions during office hours is also important to me. Additionally, the opportunity to party here and there wouldn't hurt either, although I'm not huge on the party scene. I know that a lot of times a college is what you make of it, but I'd like to hear about some personal experiences and well informed suggestions to maybe help my decision process along. I appreciate any advice you can give! Thanks!</p>

<p>Also does anyone know what sports are big at these schools and what division their in? Does Davis have Division I sports teams?</p>

<p>buuummpp :)</p>

<p>Come to Humboldt. Small class sizes (about 7500 students total- something like that), lots to do, very well known for enviornmental science- they have a graduation pledge with the green ribbon, which has spread to other universities, I haven't gotten there yet but the people seem pretty neat with the right amount of parties/fun. I wanted to go to Davis, too, but UCs are too expensive for me.</p>

<p>Davis is D1, Humbolt is D2.</p>

<p>Davis is> than Humboldt in terms of all of the things you say you are interested in except for those related to a smaller school. You have to decide for yourself if the smaller intimate environment will be worth more to you than the opportunities the larger and more well respected campus will provide.</p>

<p>I have never known a UCD student who wasn't thrilled with her/his time there. I know many kids who have loved Humboldt too but student satisfaction in general is higher at UCD</p>

<p>Humboldt may generally have smaller classes but they have also been pretty hard hit by budget cuts. My information on the specifics is a year old, but I had learned that class sizes have been increasing and for some classes they in fact have two lecture halls of students--one with a teacher and one with a video of other room.</p>