Humboldt success story

Sharing a friend’s child’s success story (with success defined as the kid achieving what they want to achieve) for people still trying to decide on a school.

Homeschooled up until high school. For high school homeschooled some, attended a little bit of brick and mortar, and a little charter.

Admitted to and attended Humboldt. (Not sure what other choices were.) Happy there for 4 1/2 years. (Had to repeat a couple classes from freshman year.) Bio major. Graduated.

Did one year of research at Stanford after graduation. Paid job/internship kind of thing. Not a Stanford student.

Applied to medical schools with top scores on MCAT. Got invited to interview at many. Got accepted to all they interviewed at.

Got offered FULL RIDE at UCSF, their top choice of those at which they interviewed. Will be attending there.


Thanks for sharing @jesse_sgirl. Good to hear success stories.

My son decided today to commit to Humboldt State. For botany, and unlikely to be interested in medical school. He had other choices, including 3 UCs and Reed, but is Humboldt is what he wants in terms of major, college size, and rural community.

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Humboldt is an under-rated gem.

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Thanks @NCalRent, I hadn’t realized until I read the Wikipedia page, but Humboldt has the largest undergrad botany program in the US.