<p>My daughter is hesitant to request Hume due to hearing that it is far from the sororities. She has seen Hume and knows that it is a very nice dorm and has advantages over some of the other dorms, but has heard that it is somewhat isolating and far from certain things. Does anyone have experience with this?</p>

<p>my brother goes to UF, is legally blind (so no driving or anything) and never had a problem with hume or transportation. He loved the dorm, and on his recomendation I put it as my #1. It may not be at the center of campus, but the way he described it it's fairly close to most of the places I'd be going. </p>

<p>Plus the coed thing is a big plus in my book. ;)</p>


<p>Did you apply ED? I assume after you are notified that you've been accepted you then request a dorm or is this done during the time you pay the housing application fee?</p>

<p>regular decision but I'm NMSF so they already accepted me. It's done after you're accepted to the university, you have to list your top three dorm choices, roomate choices, and some other stuff.</p>

<p>You just paid the $25 to get your priority date, which determines who gets first choice to what dorm.</p>

<p>It really doesn't matter. Hume is close enough to walk to class, but if your daughter prefers not to walk, there are frequent buses. It's also close to one of the two meal plan cafeterias on campus. In my opinion it's the nicest dorm on campus, and like gatordan said, the coed thing is really awesome. </p>

<p>As for the sorority thing, there's a bus that goes to sorority row from Turlington Plaza (a central area near where classes are located). I took this bus even when I lived on campus (not at Hume). If she joins a sorority, she'll most likely be going to meals directly from classes, and not always from her dorm. Plus, if she does live in Hume, it's a big plus because it's right across the street from frat row. She won't have to walk as far as her sisters do to the pre-football bbqs or other frat house events.</p>

<p>EDIT: Pi Beta Phi is actually located ON frat row, and I heard a rumor that Kappa Kappa Gamma is moving into the Kappa Alpha house on frat row? I'm not sure if this is a total joke or not though. ;)</p>