HumEc- please chance me!!

<p>I applied early decisions to cornell and was deferred from the college of human ecology. Regular decisions are being released very soon and I am super anxious about what the outcome will be. Since the beginning, everyone constantly told me that I would be accepted ED and that I belong at Cornell, but clearly that did not happen. I just want the perspective/opinions of people who do not know me personally. Please tell me what you think and chance me! My brother is currently a hotelie and my mom and uncle both graduated from Cornell and both used to be alumni interviewers. </p>

<p>ACT: 1st time: 32 composite – 29 english, 35 math, 32 reading, 30 science
2nd time: 34 composite – 34 english, 33 math, 36 reading, 31 science
SAT II: 730 math 1, 720 english lit
GPA: 3.7 (i know it seems low, however, my school is extremely competitive and is currently ranked in the top 10 public schools in NY)
Rank: ~top 10%
Senior Year Course Load: AP Physics C, AP Calculus, AP Psychology, Literature of Childhood and Humanities, Women Studies and Contemporary Issues, Spanish 5, Lifetime Skills
Awards: St. Lawrence Book Award, Certificate of Recognition for Academic Achievements and dedication to community service. </p>

<p>Extracurriculars: Horseback riding twice a week. President and co-founder of the foreign exchange club. Also the founder and head of my school’s first ever 7-week foreign exchange program. Representative for U.S. chapter for alumni’s from the school I attended while living in Australia
Work Experience: Babysit twice a week after school for 3 hours, tutor twice a week, taught horseback riding at a summer camp for inner city children, worked gatehouse at pool club
Volunteer/Community service: volunteer once a week at a day care center (for upwards of 6 years), 4 week work trips to Ecuador and Costa Rica, have been on 3 work trips to Nicaragua (the work trips are solely labor oriented, they are not like teen tours and do not cost an excessive amount of money), SHARE, Midnight runs, worked at a women's shelter. </p>

<p>Essays: About my move to Australia (lived there for 2 years until 8th grade) and how i learned to adapt to new places alone and also became more comfortable/confident in myself. Hum ec essay showed how my service trips sparked my interest in how the environment affects one's development, focusing on children. Also showed how the HD major perfectly fits what I am looking for. (talked about Interdisciplinary, and applied psych)
Teacher Recommendation: two of my favorite teachers that know me very personally. Said they put a lot of time into them so hopefully they were good.
Counselor Rec: She seems to like me and she tries her best to make it very personalized.
Additional Rec: The head of the community service organization that i have been on trips with. knows me very well and was very sincere.
Gender: female</p>

<p>The end of January/beginning of February I sent a continued interest letter to Cornell which gave an update on my ECs, grades, etc. I also wrote an essay with it that further explained some things/situations/hardships that I had made the decision to keep out of my original application. I chose to include these difficult family experiences not for pity, but rather to show them that even while going through hard times, I was able to maintain an upward trend for my GPA and achieve great things. </p>

<p>SORRY THIS IS SO LONG. Please tell me what you think. I would really really appreciate it.</p>

<p>Wow, yeah, I am really surprised that you didn’t get into Cornell ED. Your stats and EC’s and pretty much everything in general seem extremely well qualified for Cornell. </p>

<p>Funny enough, I applied to CHE as well, RD. And my essays are really similar to yours (I’ve moved a LOT) haha and I’m interested in the Human Development major too. </p>

<p>Do you mind me asking what ethnicity you are? That might play a role in your decision (unfortunately) and there’s always the strong possibility that the committee didn’t have time to review your app before results came out… Either way, I would definitely be surprised if you didn’t get in RD round, so hopefully this helped!</p>

<p>Your stats seem very competetive for Human Ec. & the Human Development major. I’m surprised that you didn’t get in EC.</p>

<p>I think you’ll get in RD :)</p>

<p>I’d say you have a pretty good chance. Your ecs and your decision to ED cornell would set you apart.</p>

<p>thank you guys so much it means a lot and will definitely help me get through this week!
i’m caucasian so idk if that really affected anything haha</p>

<p>limenkiwi – good luck to you as well! thats so interesting that you wrote similar essays! hopefully we will both get in RD</p>