Hundreds of UCSB students facing housing shortage

Hundreds of incoming UCSB students are on the verge of homelessness for this upcoming Fall and UCSB has failed to properly take action.

Many students may resort to either living out of their cars or withdrawing admission and not being able to attend.

What do they want UCSB to do? Make triples into quads?

How many students are without affordable housing?

I’m not sure what UCSB can do right now, but if there isn’t enough affordable housing for all undergrads between dorms and off campus housing, then they need to cut back on how many undergrads can enroll.

UCSC’s housing problem sounds even worse.

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The estimates I’ve seen are that about 900 students, that were guaranteed on-campus housing, are finding themselves without a roof over their heads.

The speculations is that a lot of students from fall 2020 deferred their start date to fall 2021 because of covid, and that has led to a housing shortage.

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Historically when other Universities have been faced with housing shortages they housed students in nearby hotels.

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It appears that UCSB and UCSC didn’t properly plan for the overcrowding and now aren’t willing to incur the cost to make it right.


It costs a lot more for a hotel in Santa Barbara than near Rutgers or Duke. It would be interesting to know which students are looking for rooms, new freshmen accepted in the regular time period or upperclassmen or students who were supposed to be on study abroad.

Maybe Meghan and Harry have some extra rooms?

UCSD also has a housing shortage.

Thank goodness I sent my D18 OOS.


How is Cal Poly’s housing situation?

All quiet on Reddit and FB. D21 got her building/room and roommate assignment on schedule. She got her 2nd choice, in terms of housing assignments, but you can’t win them all. She is signing up for her move-in slot today.

And two years of on-campus housing is guaranteed at CP for her college.

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UCSD is ALWAYS short of housing. This year is worse because the rents and values of the homes have skyrocketed and people are selling their rentals.


Middlebury accepted 300 too many also and doesn’t seem to have a backup plan

And people on CC are mad/surprised/disappointed colleges aren’t setting up isolation/quarantine locations on campuses. There just aren’t enough rooms available.

A lot of popular college towns also have housing restrictions on more than 4 unrelated people living together. That’s the case in Boulder so even if a landlord wanted to let the students double up it is illegal. Some of the sorority and fraternities might be able to take in more of their members if local ordinances are waived (and fire codes still respected).

Santa Barbara doesn’t have excess hotel room capacity. A room in SB routinely cost many times more than a similar room near Durham, NC or New Brunswick, NJ.


UCI is having a problem meeting the increased demand for housing from sophomores.

USC secured rooms in a local apartment complex .

Can you share where you read about the 900 students that were guaranteed on campus housing but didn’t get it? Everything I’ve read out of the UCs has had qualifying statements of “if available” and “in accordance with local and state guidance.”

I believe the on campus housing shortages are because many of the 2nd year students didn’t have a traditional college experience last year. Freshmen living on campus usually make friends and rent off campus apartments or live in their sorority/fraternity house their sophomore year. I’m wondering if there are more off campus apartments available since so many sophomores want to live on campus.

I found this article online:

That’s one of many options.

Purdue held off on closing some dorm space, purchased apartments from private owners, doubled up RA rooms (they usually get singles), overloaded some room types and, as a last resort, repurposed meeting/study rooms in some dorms for the last <100 students. They started addressing it soon after May 1 commitments when the high yield became apparent.

Addressing it in late August will be more challenging.


Of course, if there is not enough housing generally, there is no campus-provided isolation / quarantine housing, and the college requires moving into isolation / quarantine at one’s own expense if one tests positive for COVID-19, that can be a problem. Image an isolation / quarantine homeless encampment near campus…

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