Hunstman or M&T

<p>If you apply to one of the above programs and don't get in, can you still get into Wharton? How does it work, like do they give you an option to write in a second choice on your app or what? How about for ED? Thanx.</p>

<p>I'm really interested in the Jerome Fisher program. I really want to go into a business field after college, but I really think engineering would be neato.</p>

<p>yea if u dont get accepted into the programs, u'll get reviewed for just the school of your preference.</p>

<p>andy, if you are defered from M&T or Huntsman, does it mean you are automatically defered for Wharton/COllege/SEAS? Cuz then it would really suck</p>

<p>Yeah same question that stuvyesant asked. If you apply to a joint-school program early decision can you be deferred, yet still accepted into Wharton? I know this would seem odd since ED is binding, and some would not want to just simply go to Wharton or SEAS. I, however, would be happy to.</p>

<p>lets say you applied ED to m&t (like I did)
you then select a secondary choice (I did seas)
you then select if you want them to consider you for your secondary choice early decision if you do not get into the first program (because of deferral) (which I did, so I got in ed to seas)</p>

<p>otherwise, they would consider you for the program at RD time, then for your single choice</p>

<p>yea what mike said... lol</p>

<p>Cool. I'm all up for M&T ED, secondary choice Wharton ED. </p>

<p>Has anyone seen that Business Week magazine about how nanotechnology is entering the business world? That's where the future is.</p>

<p>yeah, thats kinda why i did seas materials science ed instead of wharton as a fallback choice (and I felt that I had a better chance at seas)</p>

<p>ill do business later or something</p>

<p>awesome idea, mike</p>

<p>if i were good @ science stuff and/or loved it to death i would have gone the engineering route for SURE</p>