Hunter College Fall 2021 Admitted Students

Hey everyone! I started this thread because I have not seen an official Hunter College thread on cc yet. This thread is for all of us going to Hunter College for Fall 2021! Let’s stick together :slight_smile:

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Yeah definitely. I was just waiting for today to get all of my acceptances and rejections. I, too, have committed to Hunter! :slight_smile:

Have you decided what major?

THATS awesome! Yes, I’m going to major in Chemistry II option 2 which is biochemistry. How about you?

Nice! I was thinking of Biological Sciences: Behavioral Neurobiology. It contains both Bio and Psych, both of which I love. And I am also absolutely fascinated by religion so I might take classes in that and see where that might go (not necessarily major) but religion seems interesting.

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Wow that’s interesting! Good luck!

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Hey guys!!!

Just wanted to contribute to this thread as well because I will most probably be attending Hunter College!!

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Hey, thanks for joining! Are you going to wait for sd’s waitlist or just commit to Hunter right away?

I think I want to wait until the deadline, but also pay the deposit at Hunter before May 1 so I don’t lose my spot there (if that makes sense).

Well whatever you do make sure you move fast because I think Hunter’s class registration begins the 3rd or 4th week of April and the good ones fill up fast. I’m happy yet upset for you because waitlists are good and bad :joy:. Lmk how it goes. As for me, I’m gonna start looking into classes.

Really??!! I attended one of those hawk talks and they said that the registration for Fall starts on June 1st but for summer it has already started. And they also said that we can only register for classes once we have met with out advisor.

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Wait what omg😂. I heard something completely different I think I’m mixing things up. I believe that I actually heard that we get our advisors around that time I’m so slow after all these college apps smh. You’re right @Toor03

yeah I totally get it; College Apps have really messed up our minds lol. I’m planning (if all goes well) on taking the intro bio sequence, and Chemistry ORR Physics sequence in the first year. With that, probably Calc 1 and STATS because, Im taking AP Calc rn and its fresh in my mind so hopefully its an easy A and thats the only way for it to count towards pre med requisites.

Omg luck you! I might have to start with precalc since I haven’t taken it in high school. That sounds like a good plan so far. Make sure to google the professors!

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Hey! How are you? I attended the pre health hawk talk and I think I saw your name. Ellona b****** right? It was good but im a bit scared now lol. But I was just wondering what extracurriculars are you planning on doing during the fall? I don’t want to stress myself too much. Also I realized that we can’t take bio during our first semester it’s only offered in spring so the only thing we can take is chem and physics but I’m just going to go with chem because during the spring semester I would have to take bio and chem and chem lab.

Hey! Yes I was at the pre health hawk talk and lemme tell you, they both stressed me out and calmed me down at the same time​:joy::joy:. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing this fall for extracurricular. We should exchange numbers so we can communicate more often and support each other. If you want, pm me with your # and we can talk. We will be with each other for the next 4 years anyways :joy:.

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And also, I found a road map online for a biochemistry major which is what I want to do and it aligns mostly with the classes we need for premed and yea we can’t take bio in fall. In fall I think we take a writing course, chemistry, and either calc or precalc depending on your placement. I will be placed in precalc since I stopped after algebra 2. Also omg did you know that we get a whole month and a half break for the winter semester and school ends in May? That’s so awesome we will have more free time!
About the ECs, a friend of mine (premed at hunter 4th year) told me that during the semesters, don’t focus too much on those because med schools only really care about your GPA and MCAT scores the most, so if they have a candidate with 600 hours of ECs and a 3.7 GPA and a candidate with a 4.0 GPA and 300 hours of ECs, they would rather take the 4.0.

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I sent you my number privately ( I hope)