Hunter College Transfer

So I just want to know what you guys think:
-I dropped out of High School and got my GED
-Currently enrolled in BMCC and earned a 4.0 GPA first semester
-SAT Score of 1160 (Writing:600 Math:560)
I applied for the Fall semester on May 25th. I know it’s late but I figured why not.

How did it go?

They denied me, I’m gonna apply for spring 2020, I’m pretty sure I waited way too long for fall.

Hi there! How many credits have you taken at BMCC? I am a current student and I want to transfer to Hunter next year. I understand that it is easiest with at least 24 college credits completed.

Hello, I am a transfer student who will be starting at Hunter this spring coming from LAGCC. I highly recommend that you just stick it out and finish at your community college. You have a higher chance of getting accepted if your associate’s degree is completed, it shows the school that you’re really determined to finish school. I waited until my last semester to apply. I have a 3.2 GPA and stayed on the dean’s list my entire time at LAGCC. Despite having an SAT score of 990 I was still accepted. They are looking for quality work at your community college if you don’t stay long enough they cant gather enough information to accept you.