Hurricane Sandy area students can still get Bama's scholarships.

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<p>In the above thread I detail the info. For those living in the Sandy area who still need a financial safety, this may work for you. The deadline to apply is Jan 18, but the school and scholarship app are VERY quick and essays, and no teacher recs. The apps take like 5 minutes. Very quick. Bama admits by GPA, test scores, and high school curriculum so it's an easy formula.</p>

<p>More info can be found in the above link, but here's a summary</p>

<p>Those with an ACT 32+ or 1400+ M+CR and a 3.5+ GPA get a full tuition scholarship.</p>

<p>Those with an ACT 30 or 1330 M+CR and 3.5 GPA get a 2/3 tuition scholarship</p>

<p>Eng'g and Comp Sci majors get an additional 2500 per year, AND, if you've only qualified for the 2/3 tuition scholarship, then the Col of Eng'g will bump your award to full tuition as well.</p>

<p>There are two other offers as well.</p>

<p>Feel free to visit the Bama forum here on CC for more info. The forum is very popular and you’ll meet people from all over the US.</p>

<p>[University</a> of Alabama - College Confidential](<a href=“]University”>University of Alabama - College Confidential Forums)</p>

<p>This is last minute info, but there is another NY area reception and it’s tonight.</p>

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