husky card?

<p>worth it??</p>

<p>Your husky card serve as your student ID card, allows you access to bldgs on campus including your residence hall, and is where your meal plan dollars are loaded (freshman are required to have a meal plan). So you're definitely going to want to have one... </p>

<p>It can also be used like a debit card where you can pre-load money onto it which can be used to pay for purchases at the bookstore or at stores and restaurants around campus. With the respect to the last, that is certainly a personal preference or convenience. I don't think my S has ever used it for that.</p>

<p>we just got an email for Husky Card Advantage. I believe for a fee that is something that is added to your card and gives you discounts on other items right? I had read not alot of people felt that it was worth the extra $$. </p>

<p>worth it?</p>

<p>I personally havent met anyone that has used Husky Card Advantage, myself included.</p>

<p>oh ok it was the husky card advantage that I was talking about but thanks.</p>

<p>The Husky Advantage discounts don’t look so great, Cost is $55 (for 5 years).<br>
Student</a> Advantage Discount Card</p>

<p>At first the 10% Target discount seemed interesting, but only good Online. </p>

<p>Anybody have experiences where there were good discounts close to campus?</p>

<p>well i think im gonna get it, cause you techincally only have to save 55 bucks over 5 years, and i find that doable.</p>

<p>I've heard it's really only worth it if you use it for discounts on the train or bus or something (so mostly for NY/NJ students going home for holidays and whatnot). I know one person who has it, and she might have used it once last year.</p>