Hutton eligibility?

Any sense of who’s been invited to Hutton so far this year? My kid would have made it in until the old guidelines (top 7.5% of graduating class, SAT at least 1450), but he hasn’t heard anything yet.

I believe they changed the way they admit Hutton students from when I applied, but my year, the application requirements were 32 ACT + top 7.5% of graduating class OR 34 ACT + top 10% of class. Your son meets the requirements so there’s a very good chance he will get into Hutton. He could always email HHC, and if he doesn’t get in, IU automatically admits anyone who’s a Founder’s Scholar (make a 3.8 GPA in the fall semester) into HHC. He needs to make sure he accepts the invitation once he becomes a Founder’s Scholar since many people overlook it in their email and miss the opportunity to join.

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My daughter was admitted to Hutton honors this year. She received notice 4 weeks after her acceptance into IU and at the same time she received her direct admit to Kelley. Mid November.

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Is she top 7.5% of her graduating class?

She is top 10% of her class of 584 students.

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I was hoping my son would receive an invite, but he never did. I guess it’s not happening.
Is there an automatic cutoff for who they invite? He has 4.239 weighted gpa and 1430 sat.

If there is an automatic cutoff, it’s not publicized. My kid has a 4.7+ WGPA (which is top 5% of his class) and 1450+ SAT and didn’t get a Hutton invite this year.


1560 SAT, 3.92 uw, 4.6 plus W( school does not add weightage) , several awards, good ecs, nmsf( likely nmf), ap scholar with distinction, 6 Aps in senior year. App completed on oct 26th, no hutton nor invitation for SSA. kelly direct admit. Feeling very anxious. Kelley is a top choice so far.

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Amazing numbers. I’m impressed it’s as selective as it is. I guess lots of high stats kids applied and admitted.

Wow. I hope you get an invite.

I’d go in and fill out the general scholarship application and I’m almost certain your invitation to complete the SSA will be in there. It’s what I told my son to do. I’m familiar with the IU site and knew his IU ID, so told him to create his email account asap and get on one.IU and go to the scholarships tab. He’ll need to sign in with his credentials there too.

Once on there, there was a note about SSA…”Due to your outstanding academic achievement, you have received the Indiana University Selective Scholarship Application…” We hadn’t received any notice of that prior and if my son did via email, he didn’t tell us.

I mention this bc my son’s stats are similar to your son’s (commended, not semifinalist; and not applying to Kelly) and he hasn’t heard anything about Hutton either. He also hasn’t heard about any other scholarships which I’ve been surprised since we’re instate. He has been disappointed in IU as a result and I basically had to twist his arm to finish submitting the SSA. He doubts it’ll do any good tho bc he isn’t feeling any love from IU. I really thought he was an ideal candidate for a Provost scholarship.

in one.iu the scholarship and financial aid sections are blank (white blank form). I have asked her to wait for some other EA universities’ results and then if she does not get in, fill the general scholarship. If IU isnt showing love we are forced to look at other options. Just ranting. Sorry about that.

BTW Dean/Provost might come in Feb even without SSA is what I understood so far. I had called scholarships, they said to be on a lookout for email in Feb.

I mean on the page that looks like Canvas with all the tiles. When you click on scholarships, you can fill out the general scholarship application on there.

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