Hutton Honors College Scholarship

Has anyone who was accepted to Hutton Honors College and completed the SSA received any additional scholarship money from Hutton yet?

Haven’t heard back either. Not sure when they are supposed to come out. Anyone know? Good luck to you!

Just heard back today so I’m guessing they done them out to everyone

Update: Got an email today that told me I received a scholarship for hutton honors college. Good luck to you!

Son also heard today he got the Hutton Honors Scholarship.

Good job you all! I got one too :slight_smile:

If I did not get an email yet, does that mean I am probably not getting any money? If that is the case, I have to admit that I am a bit surprised. For reference, I was a DA to Kelley and selected to apply for the ACE program (they say they invite the top ~4% of DAs to apply) and I was accepted. I know that these two are not related, but does it strike anyone else as odd that I would not get any Hutton money?

I’m just curious what are your stats? It does seem odd but I don’t have anything to compare it to

4.4 WGPA, 34 ACT, 1520 SAT, really good ECs and I think my rec letter was really good. @mfur13

@mfur13 also I got 11k Dean’s scholarship and am OOS if that matters.

hm yeah that does surprise me i got the 11k Deans scholarship and am also out of state and hutton gave me 6k. I have a 4.25 weighted (not even possible to get 4.4 at my school so i’m assuming it’s a different scale) and a 34 ACT superscored, very strong EC and felt like my essays were strong - maybe check your IU email, ik they were supposed to notify everyone by the 15th @lro375

@mfur13 Do you mean your actual IU email account or the email you used for your app?

@lro375 well mine was sent to the email i used for my app but i think they may also sent those to the official IU email account

@lro375 I had identical stats and I didn’t get anything from Hutton 3 years ago. I don’t know what they look for. It feels pretty random.