Hyperbola Question..very confused

<p>how would you do this? write an equation of a hyperbola with a center (3, -5) and vertex of (7, -5) when the equation of one of the asymptotoes is
2y-3x=10? I dont get why they give you one of the asymptotes? Someone good at math...plleeasseee explain this problem to me. thanks so much</p>

<p>Oh, God!...We just started this in Honors Algebra II...Needless to say, I am lost on this part, so I, too, would appreciate an explanation...</p>

<p>asymptotes are y =(b/a)(x) and y = (-b/a)(x) or y = (a/b)(x) and y = (-a/b)(x). from this you should be able to figure out how to go about solving the problem. If you need any more help just ask.</p>

<p>Using the asymptote equations Haithman gave you, you can find out what a and b is to write the equation.</p>

<p>thank you so much haithman. i remember in like a 1000 posts ago you asked me if you could drive my car, after helping with this, you definately can hehe..</p>

<p>lol i do not remember which car you have..if it was the M5 this sounds like a square deal :)</p>

<p>yeah it was the m5 lol</p>