hyps, upenn, columbia

<p>asian male
SAT: 2370
rank: 15/622</p>

<p>professional photographer, published in 6+ magazines, own a full-functioning studio and business. started an international photo contest.
(sponsored by Adobe + National Geographic)
band officer
yearbook editor in chief
eBay powerseller
IB program</p>


<p>Bump bump bumpity</p>

<p>Rank 15 won't help much as an asian male. The business is pretty impressive. Starting the contest is impressive. Ebay is not. Not enough info for me to tell much. everyone's got a shot, and yours seems pretty good.</p>


<p>Hey, your SAT is good, and some of your extracurriculars are impressive. You haven't provided much info, so all I can say is that your chances aren't too bad, but I can't guarantee you'll get in to all of them ! :)</p>

<p>more info: </p>

<p>national merit finalist
(all the clubs you would expect, and a few positions here and there)
internships with a few studios and a major magazine (privacy concerns)
top 50 high school
took 7 AP tests, scored 5 5s and 2 4s.</p>