HYPSM chance question

<p>Regardless of how great of an applicant you are, is it possible for your chances at any HYPSM school to be better than a mid-reach, barring extraordinary hooks (like the president's son/daughter)?</p>

<p>To be honest w/o some kind of a hook you are looking at best at a 50-60% shot for the very best students.</p>

<p>Without a hook, the best would not have a 50% chance.</p>

<p>With a hook it's much easier to chance. A recruited athlete will get in if he has the coach's nod and specified stats. A legacy who is val and has a 2350 would get in unless something is very wrong. A URM who is top 5% and has a 2200 is all but in. Students with extreme ECs- Emma Watson-they would also be in with top 5% and a 2200. These students are half of every class.</p>

<p>It's just the 'great students' who don't have a hook where it becomes random.</p>