I-95 Maryland to Miami: Things to see/do within 30/40 minutes of the freeway.

Really truly do want to break up that seemingly unending road trip. We’ve been to the space center, but haven’t stopped anywhere else because of time constraints. This year the schedule is a bit more flexible. Other than a side trip to St. Augustine, I am flat out of ideas.


I hear the museum in Richmond is quite nice, but I’ve never been there.

It’s great. A Terracotta Warrior exhibit just opened. They have Asian art and Faberge eggs. Richmond also has a science museum.

St. Simon’s island is very nice.

Literally right off 95 in Melbourne is the Brevard Zoo. It’s not huge, but you can stretch your legs in a lovely walkable complex, shady, lots to see. You can spend several hours there … there’s a little train, some kayak/boat options, they have lots of great animals…
Wickham Road exit. Starbucks nearby :slight_smile:

Maybe sneak over to Daytona to drive on the beach? That’s fun if you’ve never done it. Check online to ensure it’s accessible when you’re going.

Definitely Savannah, a beautiful city. The riverfront, the town squares, and one of my favorite restaurants

If you are a “nature” lover, the Merritt Island Nat’l Wildlife Refuge is great. Black Point Drive is the best place to see ducks on the east coast in the winter.
If you are a “naturist” you probably already know about Playalinda Beach.