I already took the old SAT. Should I take the new one? (Class of 2017)

Okay, so I took the old SAT this May and got a 2350. I know that’s a good score, and I definitely wouldn’t retake the old SAT a second time, but should I take the new SAT? Would colleges accept the old SAT? And even if they did, how would they compare my test score to those of other sophomores, most of which are planning to take the new SAT?

That’s a great score, and most colleges are going to accept it. I wouldn’t take it again.

What do you have to gain by taking the new test?

The odds are pretty much against your score coming up.

I would leave well enough alone. Consider the ACT, if there are some schools on your list that prefer it. But leave that wonderful SAT score alone.

Don’t take it again unless you find out for sure that colleges you will be applying to will not accept the old version.

I add my vote to stopping here. Put your time elsewhere – like making sure your subject tests are up to the standard you have now set! Congratulations on your great results.

2350 is basically the same thing as 2400. Even if you do score higher (well, in the case perfect 1600), you won’t have much to gain. You’ll just be wasting your time at this point. Instead, you can use your time for your college essay.

The colleges that have said anything about it have said they will take both old and new SAT scores. The college counselors who have been through past revisions of the SAT say that colleges are pretty flexible about accepting both old and new scores for a couple years.

The College Board will do enough testing of their test to be able to provide colleges with correspondence tables between the old and new SAT scores. The college admins have years of practice understanding old SAT scores. They will have less experience with new SAT scores for the first year.

That’s a great score. I think you are done with the SAT. Don’t forget SAT IIs.

Yale now has an official policy on this issue. If I understand correctly, you are Class of 2021 and at Yale you will have the option of submitting the current SAT or the redesigned SAT. You will be fine at Yale anyway.

However, for those in the Class of 2022 and younger, Yale will only accept the redesigned SAT or the ACT. The current SAT will not be accepted.

@CHD2013 Thank you for reporting that. It is exactly the info we need to hear directly from the colleges. And (at least for Yale) it is pretty much what I expected. So current freshman can’t avoid the new SAT, but current sophs can…

Good for you. I’m in class of 2017 and only got a 2160 :confused:

I know this is an old thread, but I have a relevant update: it seems that now Yale will accept both the new and old SAT for the classes of 2021 and 2022.