I am a freshman and I hate it here

Am I the only one who is completely miserable? I came here because they gave me a good financial aid package. It wasn’t my first choice but I figured I could make it work, but that’s not happening. I am an honors student and the classes I’m taking are no challenge compared to my high school ones. My social life is awful. To go to any party is such a hassle. You can only be driven by the drivers for that specific party. No Ubers or taxis. Hard to get in unless you know someone. A lot of people in Greek life act as though they are superior. Go to any other University and things are not like that. It’s ridiculous and reminds me of high school parties. People here are generally very cliquey, not many people are looking for new friends. I cannot believe that I was stupid enough to choose this school over Rutgers, easily the worst decision I have ever made. I cannot wait to transfer. I feel myself beginning to become depressed from being here, I’m so excited to leave.

So what other social activities are you involved in? How are you liking the clubs and intermural sports? Are you making friends at your part time job?

Not true at all – that’s a really common complaint tbh.

I meant that more about the ride situation, it’s petty. At most other schools if you can get there (Uber, walking, however) they’ll let you in, considering you have the correct ratio. Because they understand that everyone is just trying to have a good time and enjoy college. People wanna have fun, not wait an hour for a ride to show up!

I’m involved in a few clubs, I really enjoy them. When I’m at the meetings I really feel like I fit in here, but as soon as I’m out that feeling goes away. I only work with 2 other people at my job and have tried really hard to become friends with them, they just don’t seem interested. I’ve really been trying here