I am a freshman in highschool, what is my current gpa from all of the grades below?

Current Grades for Freshman year of high school:

Biology {6 Credits} Final Average- 92%/A-

US History 1 {5 Credits} Final Average- 89%/B+

Exploration of Health Care Occupation {5 Credits}-Final Average- 94%/A

World Literature/English 1 {5 Credits}- Final Average- 89%/B+

Algebra 2 {5 credits}- Final Average- 87%/B+

French 1 {5 Credits}-Final Average- 90%/A-

Consumer Math {1.25 Credits}-Final Average- 100%/A+

Career Explorations {1.25 Credits}-Final Average- 95%/A

Math Proficiency {1.25 Credits}-Final Average- 100%/A+

English Proficiency {1.25 Credits)- Final Average- 96%/A

Physical Education {2.5 Credits}-Final Average- 95%/A

Lifetime Fitness/Wellness {1.25 Credits}- Final Average- 95%/A

What is my current GPA? When I go to college, preferably NYU, will they accept all these courses? If not which ones will be accepted and calculated to get my GPA? And will AP Courses and College credited courses at my local community college raise my GPA?

Google a calculator.