I am a US citizen studying abroad who plans to move to Virginia after completing O-levels.

I know it is going to be impossible for me to enter high school without repeating a year. After much research I have decided to attend a community college and later transfer to reputed 4-year institution. I have several questions so I am going to list them below.
(i) BY the time a transfer to a four year instituition will i be considered in-state? ( I will be living with my my aunt and uncle who are in-state)
(ii) what are the CCs(preferably near gllen allen ) that will gaurantee me admission to a medium-high tier university?(for example virgina tech, UVA)
(iii) Will it be possible for me to enter a community right after completing O-levels.( my subjects include math, pure math, physics, and chem )
(iv) I want to persue a degree in chemical engineering but most community colleges do not offer that degree. What can i do about this? Do i need to take seperate courses? If so what are they?

i I’m pretty sure this was extensively discussed last time you posted.
ii Read some CC websites and see if there are articulation agreements to the colleges you mention and if there are any guaranteed routes
iii yes, cc are open enrollment for HS grads
iv read the target college websites for transfers and preparation for transfer for certain majors. read the CC websites for guidelines on classes to prepare to transfer.

Living w your VA-resident aunt & uncle is not going to help u get VA instate tuition unless your aunt & uncle legally adopt u, or unless you’re over 24 years old and can claim to be independent.

If you want to get federally determined financial aid, you will need to complete a full high school program or a GED. You cannot file the FAFSA and receive federal aid if you have not done that. O level exams are not the equivalent of completing secondary school.

You need to speak with the high schools that you could attend in Virginia, and find out how quickly you could fulfill their graduation requirements. Ask private schools as well as public schools. There may be a private school that can graduate you in the time frame that you want. There also may be a way for you to enroll at a community college and apply that coursework toward a high school diploma as a “home schooled” student. However, you would not be able to use federal financial aid for those classes. You can’t get that aid until you have actually finished high school.