I am atheist....

<p>Any other atheists applying to Christian Colleges?
Just asking.</p>

<p>Viktoria, why would you choose this?
Just asking.</p>

<p>Yes, good question. Are you seeking out Christian colleges, or just applying to some because you like those particular ones?</p>

<p>Viktoria, I am sure that at just about every Christian college, there will be atheists and agnostics. At some, you'll have to search a little harder to find your posse. At others, you might even be in the majority.</p>

<p>Enroll and you might even find yourself... CONVERTED!</p>

<p>I am an atheist applying to a Christian school, however I live more Christ like than the vast majority of contemporary American "Christians". That said, just look at it as an opportunity to engage a lot of people in debate.</p>

<p>RationalHumanist ...you're pretty funny. Really. And oh so irrational. </p>

<p>But you get points for Christ-like humility. :confused:</p>

<p>It would seem you've not a clue about what He is like. But in any case Christianity is not a beauty contest. No first runners-up or Miss Congialties. You'd be fun to debate if only your opponents could stop chuckling. :p :cool:</p>

<p>I dunno WP, I'm finding it hard to even give troll points. The imagination level seems pretty low if you ask me - not so good in a debate. But I guess to not give points would make me "un" Christian or too contemporary? Such is life I suppose. I don't recall Jesus being all that nice to trolls in his day either.</p>

<p>whatever. :confused: </p>

<p>You must at least give him this ...fully transparent! ;)</p>

<p>that's awkward.</p>

<p>I am agnostic, and have gone to ACU abiline christian and scu santa clara U and it all depends on the college</p>

<p>I thought that all private schools were religious-based. I am going to be applying to all private schools and I'm an atheist, some of my top schools are even Christian Colleges (noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! :( my worst nightmare-I know).</p>

<p>Here's a serious answer in case anybody wants it: at some Christian colleges, an atheist will not even be able to attend without lying, because you have to sign a statement of belief. Better check that out before you apply. At some Christian schools, religion is so intertwined with all the curriculum that, in my opinion, an atheist (or any non-Christian) would be nuts to go there, even if they would accept you. But at other schools, there is more diversity of views, and a non-Christian might be reasonably comfortable, even if in a distinct minority. You'd better do your research about the specific schools.</p>

I thought that all private schools were religious-based.


<p>Where did you get that idea? Of the US News top 51 universities, 33 are private. Only four of those are church-related. Of their top 52 LACs, 50 are private. Only six of those are church-related.</p>

<p>I wouldn't advise you to do that..I mean you are putting yourself into an awkward situation..but each to their own I guess.</p>

<p>rational humanist: im a christian also and i see where your coming from many americans claim to be "christians" when they live contrary to what the bible says as a christian we are supposed to be christ like but its not fair to throw all christians in the pulpit bcuz of the majority.. the majority of people are usually always wrong. and debating with people about christian values is the best thing ever because you learn more information to grow stronger when it comes to other people to debate with</p>