I am extremely confused about Illinois Tech's deadlines.

https://admissions.iit.edu/undergraduate/apply/deadlines The website said that the priority deadline is December 1st, which is after the regular deadline of August 1st. Why is that? And it says test scores are due July 1st? Is it really that early? It also says that notification for the December 1st deadline starts in October. Am I misinterpreting what notification means?

I’m just very confused about the entire chart displayed.

The Priority Deadline is December 1, 2017 for Fall 2018. After that, Illinois Tech goes to rolling admissions which has a deadline of August 1, 2018. The August deadline is for the next year!

Hope this helps.

Sorry if this might sound stupid, but is Early Action and the Priority Deadline the same thing? The common app asks if I want to apply EA or Rolling Admissions, but the website only mentioned Priorirty Deadline. Thank you!

Pretty much the same thing at IIT. We make decisions immediately when the application is complete. The December 1 Priority Deadline is for those who want to be considered for the Camras and other large scholarships.