I am failing a course due to an accidental late submission. What do I do now?

So this is my first quarter as a university freshman. I’ve been doing well so far in keeping up with my classes, but midterms just rolled by and I accidentally turned in my project late for my design class. We had a 100 point project due before the midterm grades were sent out, and I completely blanked on remembering to turn in a picture of my final piece. Thing is, I actually finished it on time and presented it to the class last Tuesday. However, our submission process for this project also involved turning it in digitally. I’m still not accustomed to the digital submission system and stupidly forgot to remind myself that I had to post a picture of my piece. After forgetting about the final submission aspect, I quickly turned it in digitally on the day of midterm grading, which was Monday. It’s now Wednesday and my professor still hasn’t input a grade for my project. It stands at a 0/100 and I recently got a notification from my school stating that I apparently have an F in the course right now. Along with my 0/100 project, I got a 75/100 on my actual midterm exam for this course due to lack of studying. I’ve been putting so much effort into all of my other classes that I’ve been pushing this class to the side. I brushed it off as an “easy class", but now I see that I’ve shot myself in the foot here by not studying and prioritizing my other courses. I realize my mistake, but I’m afraid I’m too late to fix it.

I’m freaking out that I may have just bombed my design class for this quarter. I don’t know how I can pull myself out of this. I’m terrified of talking to the professor about my screw up, even though I know I probably should. I don’t know what I would say though. I know I’m in the wrong for forgetting, but she does know that I did technically complete the project on time, so I’m not sure if I can somehow fix this. Although, I don’t think that my professor is all too forgiving.

Is my grade set in stone because I turned it in after midterms? What if I’m totally screwed? I can’t afford to fail a course. My parents will string me up and skin me alive if they find out about this, and I really am striving to do well this year. I’m so scared right now. We still have two major upcoming projects, but I don’t think it’s enough. What’s the best advise that I can follow in this situation? Dropping this course is the last thing I’ll consider, and I really need help figuring out the right approach to this problem.

We can’t tell you what will happen. You need to be an adult and go talk to your professor. Ask if there’s anything you can do. If not, you’ll have to decide whether to drop the class.

You have to talk to the professor. Explain that you did the presentation on time but just didn’t do the submission of the picture (that you didn’t understand the requirement). You already have an F, only good things can happen from here.

Talk to the professor and (if you have one) your academic advisor. Explain the situation and (as you have done here) take full responsibility for the late submission. Decide if your situation is salvageable or if you should withdraw from the class.

Before withdrawing be sure you will still have enough credits to still be considered a full time student (for financial aid, housing etc.). Also if this class is a prerequisite for other classes you need to take consider how a withdrawal will impact your schedule going forward.

Speak with your professor. You won’t fail.

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