I am freaking out

<p>I take the PSAT tomorrow because now in North Carolina they have all grade levels take it as a reference for growth over the years that you're at highschool. I took a PSAT at the beginning of the year and got a 1710, but when i took the SAT i got a 1970 . . . . i am freaking out . . . any tips for studying? Or how to calm down . . . so i don't completely bomb this test tomorrow. </p>



<p>It's the PSAT...</p>

<p>Refer to the previous post.</p>

<p>Do nothing to prepare.
Take PSAT.
Who cares what happens after that?</p>

<p>just curious, are you a sophomore or a junior?</p>

<p>Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the official PSAT was only offered in October? Are you sure you're not taking some placebo or a similar test that doesn't count? If they're just measuring growth, who cares?</p>

<p>Reading how you are hoping to be class of 2019, I suppose you are a freshman?</p>