I am in-state and I have a 3.96 UW GPA and a 1430 SAT. Should I retake the SAT?

I am a senior and my school is offering a school day SAT and I’m not sure if I should take it or not. I got a 1430 on my first try and I’m not sure if UMich’s average is 1435 or 1415… I have seen conflicting numbers. I am also worried about my score not sending in time since UMich’s deadline is Nov. 15th and scores for the October SAT come out Nov. 4th… Anyways, can someone give me some advice?

Other context: rigorous curriculum (IB), white female, <60k family income , meh EC’s and good LoRs i hope

As an instate you are most likely fine. But if you do take it just send the scores when you get it.
I am sure you know many students get deferred. This is a different year and they will want as much information as possible. Write a great essay.

Send in your current score now to hold your place for EA. U-M will wait for your Oct score to complete your file. If you wait for your Oct score before you send it in, you may miss the submission deadline as U-M counts the date when score is received by admission.