I am international graduate student and I need advise

I am an international Nutrition graduate and I not a Register dietitian.I was thinking to start the psychology program due the financial aid that I dont have as international student and in future work as counseling psychology dietitian

I am not 100% sure what you are asking. Is it possible for you to get licensed as both a registered dietitian and a counseling psychologist, provided that you actually complete all the educational requirements for both? Sure, although that would be an unusual combination. Most people do one or the other. But you can’t work as a dietitian without the proper licensing and education.

Nutritionist roles usually have less stringent requirements, so if you got a master’s in nutrition and then a PhD in counseling psychology you could become a counseling psychologist who is also a nutritionist.

I hold an equivalent Bachelor in Nutrition here in USA but to start the DPD program in Dietetics, I need to go on a student loan.I did here in USA an associate in General Studies and I have to decide either going on DPD program or two years to complete the bachelor in Psychology.I would like be a psychology nutritionist in a future.

Does your country offer student loans to study in the US? How much will you have to borrow for each program?

I live and I am citizen in the United States but, with international bachelor degree.I did my associate degree here in United States