I am looking for boarding schools in the US where i can apply for 8th grade as an international student

hi! I am a 7th grader from Bangladesh. I am applying to boarding schools in the US for 8th grade. Currently, I have 2 schools on my list.
1)Shattuck St. mary’s
2) Groton School
I want to apply to more schools but can’t find any good ones that are also co ed.

why not wait for 9th grade when there will be more options?

Look at Junior Boarding Schools, that go through 9th grade, like Indian Mountain School in Lakeville, Connecticut. There are others.


You might want to look at Junior Boarding School. Look at Eaglebrook, for example. Most students go to BS from there for 10th grade although some will repeat 9th.

A couple of schools with small boarding communities that have middle schools are Pennington and Hun. Not sure at what grade boarding begins.

I personally would recommend the JBS route as it will give you the most flexibility. The problem with picking BS with 8th grade is that you narrow the universe so much. JBS tend to have great placement offices and excellent relationships with BS. Very helpful with fit!


I second the replies above.

From what I remember (though it’s very blurry), Pennington begins boarding in 8th grade; I’m unsure about Hun.

Seconding other posters, JBS is probably the best option.


But does this poster want to apply to a Junior BS and then have to again apply for entry to BS for 9th grade? It sounds like no.

Asking…are finances a consideration at all?

From personal experience, applying to JBS is far easier than applying for boarding school in high school. As for finances, does it matter whether you spend 60k+ a year in a junior boarding school or in an actual boarding school?

It matters if the OP does not have $60K/year and is looking for FA.



We don’t know if this student can even afford to pay for boarding school. They might be looking for significant financial aid.

Yes, it’s easier to apply for JBS, but my point is….many of these don’t have a boarding high school and this student would need to apply all over again…and probably change schools.

Do we know if this student wants to attend two different schools upcoming…and do we know if the family can fully fund a boarding school or JBS…or if they qualify for need based aid?

We don’t know.

I want to get a basic idea of the US education system in 8th grade so that I don’t need to focus much on coping up in 9th grade

hey! I am planning on attending a boarding school for 8th grade that is good and offers financial aid. My main target is PEA it has been my dream to attend PEA ever since I found out about it in 5th grade. I’ll be applying to both schools like Exeter and Andover for 9th grade and if I get in then I’ll leave the school but if I don’t get in, then I won’t leave.

Yep it does. My family won’t be able to afford that. So yeah, I need financial aid.

Boarding schools do have their own discretion in terms of awarding need based financial aid. But…are you looking for a free full ride?

I believe Hun is only boarding for it’s upper school, not the middle school.


Just a comment on your plan to go to a school like Groton for 8th grade and then transfer to Andover or Exeter. 8th graders at Groton are a special class. They are tight knit and unique. It’s highly unlikely that you would want (or need) to transfer out. Additionally these applications are HARD and a huge amount of work. The likelihood that you will want to do that two years in a row, while doing the work of 8th grade at one of the most rigorous schools in the country, seems unlikely.

If you really feel the need to come to the US for 8th grade AND go someplace else for highschool then a junior BS is your best bet.

I don’t know much about financial aid at JBS, maybe a parent with experience can chime in, but that might cause a problem.

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To the OP:

  • Determine your expectations for entering as an 8th grader and also for attending boarding school or private school in the US.

  • I know of several international students who attended Eagle Brook and Cardigan Mountain for Junior Boarding. These students went onto highly selective boarding schools for high school. The JBS opportunity helped them adjust to school over here and prepared them for the demands of a boarding school program. You and/or your parents may want to research the JBS programs for 8th - 9th grade. Also, som international students we know who attended a JBS for 8th - 9th grade, actually repeated 9th when in one of the more demanding boarding schools.


well I mean Groton is a really really great school. If I get into Groton for 8th grade then I’ll only apply to Exeter for 9th grade and if I don’t get n then I’ll stay at Groton. But, if attend some other school for 8th grade then I’m actually going to apply to Exeter, Andover, and Groton and attend the one I get into and if I don’t then I’ll just continue attending the same school. So I need a school that offers up to 12th grade. I’m just not confident enough about getting into Groton because I mean yeah I might have good test results here in Bangladesh but many many people who are way better than me will also be applying to Groton.

@analienfrommarsy - to quote the great philosopher MC Hammer, “Ring the bell - school’s in…”. Here is some advice: If you are fortunate enough to get an interview with a Groton AO and to visit the school, you should not share with them that you are planning on “trading up” to Exeter. It doesn’t work that way. It is my understanding that Groton accepts around 14 boys and about 12 girls for their 8th grade class. It is extremely competitive - IMHO even more competitive than folks realize.
The 8th grade class becomes a very close knit community and remain through 12th grade at Groton.

I believe you should consider the good advice already shared from people on this thread. You sound like someone who could benefit from a Junior Boarding School experience here in the Northeast before applying to your target schools.


Reconsider your desire to attend 8th grade here, as it makes things a lot more difficult and complicated unless you want to remain at the same school through 12th grade. I think best for you to do wonderful things this school year and next while applying early next school year for 9th grade here.

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