I am looking for someone with a background in engineering from Bucknell / Lafayette / Santa Clara U to answer some questions:

  1. What was your research experience when you went to school? What are current research projects that are going on? What is the placement rate of your students in paid summer internship programs?
  2. What is the biggest complaint/issue at the school?
  3. How many TAs/Grad Students are used to teach classes?
  4. How does the engineering program compare/differ from other competing schools/schools that you have had experience with?
  5. Are the students there generally happy?

I can only answer one question, #3. The answer is NONE. All classes are taught by professors - TAs may assist them or grade papers or supervise labs, but Bucknell is a small school and that is one of its strengths - the ability to get to know the professors first-hand.

Many people that major in engineering at Bucknell are really happy because they have the benefit of a great engineering program while also having an awesome social life!