I am majoring in social policy but I have room to pick up another major, what should I pick?

Like the title said, I am currently a first year social policy major. The specific social policy program at my school is very flexible in terms of classes I can take for credit, so many SP majors end up pursuing a second major, and I want to as well, but I am not sure what else to major in. I plan on pursuing a Masters in Healthcare Administration (MHA). Some of the graduate schools I have been looking at offer a dual MHA/MBA program, which I am definitely interested in. However, my college doesn’t offer a business or finance or accounting major, so I’m a bit stumped on what else to major in. What are some other majors besides these that would compliment my career goals? Maybe economics or stats? Thanks in advance!

Just because you have room to pick up another major doesn’t mean you should. You can use the additional class space to acquire additional skills or just take classes that seem interesting to you. You could take a few courses in statistics, a few courses in economics, some other courses in the social sciences that will enhance the MHA leaning, maybe even a few health or natural science courses if they make sense.