I am not a good writer, but I'm pretty well rounded otherwise

<p>I'm not exactly the most eloquent person ever, but I like to think that I'm pretty well rounded elsewhere.
I used to be ranked 1st, now I'm 6th (grr) but hopefully I can maintain that. i will have taken 9 or 10 AP classes by the time I apply.
I do a lot of dancing and used to do varsity swimming as well as USS (i'll join again next year when i have more time)
I have done a research internship at Harvard Medical school (there is a chance i might get published as one of the authors in a publication) as well as Duke TIP for two years. this year i'm applying to more selective summer programs...we'll see if i get in later.
I am also in many clubs at my school and am the president of two of them.
I have not taken the SAT yet but when I took a practice test my sophomore year i got a 2010 :/ maybe i'll improve a lot? (im a junior now). however i did pretty well on SAT chem which is the only thing ive taken so far
What are my chances of getting into highly selective schools? Any advice?</p>


<p>yeah same. I'm pretty bad in my english classes in high schools, but you should be fine. Essays are only a portion of your app, and if you get people to read them, you can make them better!</p>