I am significantly more talented than other students. Is this a flag? I want to transfer from CUNY

I just started my freshman semester at a community college, The New York City College of Technology as a transfer student from the School of Visual Arts. I major in animation, illustration, and game design. At SVA, I earned 54 credits. I had to stop attending after sophomore year for mental health reasons. Now that I am enrolled in school again, I notice many of the students are fresh out of high school, never attended an art class before, and I’m there sticking out like a sore thumb. I honestly feel like I can do better. My gut Is telling me to transfer to Pratt after I earn more credits financial aid from the Baer Reintegration Scholarship I am applying to. I am also undecided about transferring to a private school and think I should stay put because this might be a case of the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I could be receiving the same quality education at City Tech. What can I do to feel more certain? Am I missing out on much? Because feel a bit as thought this decision will make or break my career. I am going to talk to my professor about it but they’re probably going to have a biased lean towards City Tech over Pratt so I want to hear opinions from Pratt students as well. Thank you!

Title should say Red flag. Not flag

I look at the other students work and make the connection that If the student’s work is not great, the school must not be great, and I wont be great or I wont improve much. Is that true of art schools?

Well, it’s a community college. Most art schools you have to apply to and get accepted based on talent, right?

What independent assessment do you have that you are significantly more talented than other students?

Yes, that makes sense actually. I overlooked that

The assessment my Raster & Vector class teacher gave me saying word for word “You’re amazing, you don’t belong here.” that and that I simply am more advanced than everyone ive met so far. I dont want to make this about my ego. I want to somehow find out if im in the right place or not.

Why don’t you apply to a good art school and see if you get in? If you do, than you belong there.

That is a good idea. I will do that and worry about paying for it if I am accepted. I probably will be accepted based on my portfolio, grades, and background. I just felt like I was stuck when really the only thing in my way is an acceptance or denial letter. THANK YOU Rollout :slight_smile:

I got a little overwhelmed. I mean i just put a whole lot of effort to get back in school and already im thinking about transferring again. So I questioned my judgment a bit. But if I really feel this way about city tech I should at least try to get in to a better school. It wont hurt. Then if I get in the rest will follow

I might be able to give you some perspective. Both of my kids have had the benefit of great high school art classes etc & one is now at RISD and the other is starting to tour top tier art schools (we visited SVA & Pratt just this week). My job is a part-time art instructor at a small college with a small art program that is considered a ‘lower’ tier art program. We have great facilities and teachers but are a much better fit for the kid who did NOT have a lot of background or support in the arts as a high schooler, but has the drive or innate talent to give it a go. Many of our students have never taken drawing classes before, just dabbled on their own. They can grow by leaps and bounds BUT they’re generally several years behind the kids who already have more experience in the arts from high school.

So when you’re talking to your current professors (esp talk more with the one who said you don’t belong there…and ask for honest advice) or going on interviews for a new school, talk about what you did and learned at SVA and as much as you’re comfortable about what your struggles may have been there. Talk about how you then decided to try something different with City Tech, but it’s not the right fit or challenging enough work for what you want to be doing.

The right fit is out there for you, and the more honest you are with what your skills are (in as non-braggy, more factual way as possible - like the grades and feedback you’re getting) AND what your needs are, the more the adults who know and teach you can help steer you to a school that will work better for you.

Thank you ArtAngst. I talked about it with my parents and they said things similar to what you said. I can make the best out of City Tech and honestly City Tech isn’t awful. Especially if I communicate my needs to the professors who are experienced professionals. One thing im also now certain of now is that I dont want to be in a position where I cannot complete school. Transferring to a higher tier art school means i would need more aid. I can win a scholarship here and there but that is risky since I might NOT win the scholarships and grants I apply for. I could end up stuck again and with out a Bachelors for another couple years. I already have everything financially set up for me at City Tech so there I will stay :smiley: Your advice added a lot to what a few people have been telling me. Thank you so much for your insight.

So glad I could help! And honestly all art schools are going to be teaching you pretty much the same things wherever you go. It’s up to you to take advantage of the people and resources there. Getting a degree without debt is a HUGE advantage.

Also look up the work of people you admire online and via social media. Follow them and pay attention to how they’ve networked and work in their fields. And here’s a different approach to working in the arts field with some ideas on how to add to what you’re already learning: https://medium.com/i-m-h-o/dont-go-to-art-school-138c5efd45e9#.bebedmupz

Good luck!