I Am So Frustrated!!!

<p>It seems like just about everyone has gotten their scores. (all my friends have it) But I've gotten nothing. And it's like 9:00am in ST. louis(10:00 eastern time) </p>

<p>I can't even get on cb's website anymore. cb knew that a lot of people were taking this test. so they should have already been prepared for "the exceptionally high traffic." </p>

<p>ooh, the agony.</p>

<p>vtoodler, try calling 1-609-771-7600, collegeboard customer service. I tried calling because I called 1800SATSCORE and they said that my scores weren't in the database... so I talked to this one guy who confirmed it for me and said my scores weren't ready yet, but... since he has access to the database, I'm sure he'd be willing to tell you your score for no charge? worth a shot.</p>