I am so tired...

<p>... of waiting for decisions!!! This is killing me, I'm so impatient! If they've already made their decisions they should just let us know. The stress of not knowing and not being able to do anything is horrible. </p>

<p>Just thought I'd vent that out since I'm sure many other people feel the same way.</p>

<p>they would if Cornell wasn't part of that ivy league agreement to release regular decisions near the end of March.</p>

<p>i applied to ILR and they are not notifying people....i know some ppl must have been rejected by now...WHY NOT TELL THEM and let them move on?</p>

<p>No need to be snobby, colleges should strt bein nicer to applicants!</p>

<p>I feel w/ u sambago, i cnt think of n e thing else....i just want to get accepted somewhere!</p>

<p>in 1972 we had to wait until April 15 when the letters were put in the mail - so we did not hear until April 18, or 19, or 20 or ...my mailman really got to know me well.</p>

<p>I know plzaccept, I applied to CALS and its rolling admissions but I still haven't heard anything. Whether I was accepted or not I'd really just like to know. I'm happy for everyone who's heard but it just makes me even more nervous/uneasy.</p>

<p>they should release decisions on pi day...today</p>

<p>sorry, that was kinda random, but i'm tired of waiting too</p>

<p>hahha pi day is such a big deal at my school's math department. Hella people bring pies and there's this contest for who can list the most #'s (one kid last year memorized up to the 160th or 150th digit or something)</p>

<p>as an officer of our school's mu alpha theta, we wanted to do something big for pi day...
but we're just having a breakfast...with pies. is it just me, or are $8 pies really expensive?</p>

in 1972 we had to wait until April 15 when the letters were put in the mail - so we did not hear until April 18, or 19, or 20


<p>Well, kids, when mommy and daddy were little, we had to walk an hour to get to school each day and an hour to walk home. In the wintertime, it took two hours to hike through the snow and it was uphill both ways! </p>

<p>So kids, stop whining and worrying because your lives are not hard. Our lives were hard.</p>

<p>What/when is pi day?</p>

<p>yousonofatree, somone at my school went past 200</p>

<p>pi day is today. 3.14
but it would be cooler if this was the year of 2015
then it would be even closer to the actual number.</p>

<p>but yes i concur, waiting waiting for the decision seems like such a long time. sigh</p>

<p>pi day was big at my school today. I am stuffed from all the food I ate ....lol We even got extra credit for finding jokes, songs, or interesting facts.</p>