I am very worried.. will I get rescinded?

Hi, I was admitted to Emory University ED1 last December, and now I am so worried about getting rescinded.

Overall, I applied to Emory with mostly A’s with few B’s (about 6 for both sophomore & junior year). I took lots of rigorous courses throughout my high school years, including AP/IB courses.

Senior year, I am basically taking ALL AP IB classes (which is what I did for my junior year too). I’ve been struggling REALLY BAD with IB chem and HL math since the beginning of senior year. For first semester, I ended up getting C’s for both classes…

After getting admitted and done with college applications at the end of first semester, I decided to work hard on trying to get better grades for second semester. However, HL math was really just not working with me… the course is just WAY TOO HARD for me…obviously I shouldn’t have taken that class :frowning:

Anyways, I have mock/final exams coming up all next week… I think I am going to end with: C for HL math and B (or maybe A if I do REALLY good on the mock exam) for IB chem.

I’ve been reading through LOTS of threads about college rescind/withdrawal of acceptance, and I am VERY VERY worried… should I email emory about this or is it okay…? someone helppp

You’ll be fine. I think you stressing about it is causing you further grief. It’s been a hard year & everyone is off their game a bit. Reach out to your AO if you’re losing sleep over this. I’m guessing they will set you as ease so you can just do the best you can & move past this.


agreed, i think you will be fine as the general rule of thumb is not to get low c’s or below. i would recommend reaching out to admissions and letting them know of your situation - being transparent will really help you!

Ahhh thanks that made me feel a lot better.

I won’t get anything below a C for sure but I’m just worried because I have 3 C’s (I’ve been reading lots of articles saying multiple C’s are risky…) ahhhh I’m currently hesitating whether or not I should email the admissions…

emailing is fine but maybe give them a call and see what they think

I’m scared but alright I’ll try calling them someday next week after I get done with my exams; thanks for the advice

You should be ok! I know an AO at Brown said we can “enjoy a little bit” and not have to be perfect, but not let it be everything, meaning a class won’t affect admission, only all classes will if that makes sense. However, if they were overly strict they would have presented the guideline to you. Ex. at Georgia Tech to keep scholarship I cannot have more than 1 B, if I have 2 scholarship goes away- and it was strictly presented for me to sign. Don’t stress to much! Congrats on Emory!

No D or F grades is the general rule. But I don’t think Emory will be thrilled with more than one C. Is there another reason why your grades have suffered? Meet with your guidance counselor and teachers to help figure out a plan to get your grades back up. Please go to extra help and/or get a tutor. My concern is that one bad test can put you in danger of being rescinded. You need to take action now to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Well, the courses that I am having troubles with are now almost over; like I said, there are mock/final exams next week and that’s basically the end, so I don’t even have much chance to improve my grades :frowning:

I did deal with medical problems during my senior year; I discovered I had disc problems so I have been going to doctor/pain clinic/physical therapists multiple times throughout the year and I’ve been having trouble walking/standing/sitting for a long amount of time bc of back/leg pain so that did kind of affect my daily life to a certain extent…but genuinely the course itself was very advanced and hard for me. Like I said I tried my very best to study and get good grades; I studied a lot and tried not to lose faith and confidence even when I got bad grades on tests, but I just could not get good grades. The course materials and speed were just not parallel with the level of my academic abilities.

Ahhh the acceptance letter did mention that Emory has the right to withdraw the acceptance in cases such as crimes, failure to present the same level of academic abilities compared to when applicants have first applied, or submitting untruthful, invalid information on the application, but it didn’t specify a certain guideline… I hope I will be fineee Thanks btw!

this message is standard for all schools, just saying so it doesn’t make your freak out anymore :rofl:

Well for me it worries me even more bc I have no clue what they exactly mean by “failure to present the same level of academic abilities”; like to what extent are they implying thiss

Do you have to continue with IB Maths at HL? This is a notoriously difficult maths course. Would it be possible to switch to SL maths so the material is more manageable.

Sadly, no. In order for me to take SL math, I should have planned out my schedule well from the very beginning of my junior year bc in order to meet the requirement for IB Diploma, I need to take certain classes (in relevance to this case, I need to take at least one HL math OR science class during the 2-year course).

I took IB Biology SL in junior year, so I have to take either HL math or HL science class in senior year. Apparently, my school only provides HL Bio and HL math, and I couldn’t take HL Bio again because I already took Bio in my Junior year. Basically, I can’t just change to SL like that, especially when its almost at the end of the year

Colleges that give vague statements like this leave themselves subjective discretion for whatever purpose they have, at the expense of making it more stressful for admits who worry about GPA drops.

Update: I took most of my mock/final exams for my classes this week. I think this is going to be it for my senior year grade overall:

1st Semester: 5 A’s and 2 C’s
2st Semester: 5 A’s, 1 C, and 1 B

I managed to pull my math HL grade to a high C and chem to a high B while I had low-mid C’s for both for 1st semester… so I hope this shows a decent improvement of how I tried harder in my second semester :frowning:

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