I am wondering what are my chances for the college to rescind my offer of admission?

<p>I just failed an ap class for the first time throughout my 4 years in hs, but my other classes are 90s and I have an 85 in another ap class. I have a gpa of 89 and wondering how bad will failing one class affect my acceptance to colleges (pace, hofstra, st johns, and fordham). Will colleges rescind my offer of admission for failing one class?</p>

<p>I would say that there is a good chance that they would rescind you. They don't want to see F's.</p>

<p>The people that know the answer work in admissions at those 4 U's. Call and talk to them.</p>

<p>A surprising number of people react to this advice with "Why should I call their attention to it?" as if they won't notice when they get your transcripts after you finish HS. Friends, people in admission are paid to check and evaluate transcripts. They will notice. So you might as well find out what they're going to do now rather than in the summer. Many colleges require you to notify them immediately if you change your class schedule or fail a class first semester (check the docs you received after you submitted your apps). In your favor contacting them shows maturity since you're stepping up instead of just hoping things blow over. Furthermore right now you have more options to make up the work (perhaps a summer class, etc) if that's what they want; those will be gone if they check your final transcript after you graduate, receiving it sometime in July or August.</p>

<p>I expect they'll want an explanation. Here's what an effective explanation says, whether its this matter or anything else. (1) I messed up. (2) I'm sorry it happened (3) Here's what I learned, why it won't happen again. You don't blame the teacher, the distraction of your ECs, what have you. Legitimate excuses would be something like a serious illness or a death of a close relative, but it doesn't sound like that's the case here (or it would affect all classes, not just this one).</p>