I Am Worried I Won't Get Accepted

I was really hoping to apply to CSUN during my senior year in high school. I am currently a senior so I will be applying within the next month or so, as the deadline is November 30. I checked my SAT score and am very upset to have found that I got a 930. My GPA is a 3.1 (regular) and 3.4 (weighted). I am local to CSUN but am worried of getting rejected by them ! Please Tell Me If I have some chance.

Which major are you applying?

Eligibility index for local applicants is 2950. If your CSU capped weighted GPA is 3.4 and your SAT score is 930 then your EI is (3.4 x800) + (930)= 3650 so you are in good shape for Cal State Northridge.

If you are applying to an impacted major as a local, you get another 100 point bump.

See link: https://www.csun.edu/admissions-records/freshman-impaction#index

@Gumbymom I am hoping to major in psychology there as I here CSUN has a great psychology program, it’s what I love.

Based on the link I posted, you need a 3700 SAT eligiblity index since Psychology is an impacted major. Since you are local, you get a 100 point bump so your EI would then be 3750 which is above last years threshold. If the EI threshold is the same or lower, then you have a very good chance at pursuing your major at CSUN.

@Gumbymom Well thank you for telling me this. Now I feel like I can relax a little more about the situation. Hopefully I get accepted when I go and apply ! This is a school I am very interested in