I apologize for being obnoxious...

<p>"The quota is usually the same every year (based on my high school), even if Harvard itself claims it does not place quotas on high schools."</p>

<p>I've chaired a regional alum interviewing committee, and also have been on the national committee for alum interviewers. There's no evidence that Harvard puts quotas on high schools.</p>

<p>I also haven't seen any evidence that Harvard lies about its admission procedures.</p>

<p>As for Harvard chances threads, one could respond to all with, "next to no chances" and be accurate because no matter how wonderful an applicant is, the odds of admission are very low.</p>

<p>9 in the past 3 years is extremely impressive placement at Harvard. Your rank will impress them, but most people just don't realize how difficult it is to get into a school with less than 10% acceptance. Certainly many unqualified applicants are applying to Harvard, but the vast majority have scores and grades to put them in the 25-75 range. I can't stress enough that very few applicants are accepted on academic merit alone.</p>

<p>Also, harvard intentionally asks what department you are going to probably major in rather than what your major will be simply because they know kids lie and often times switch. Unless you told them you were majoring in bio or math, that will be a non-issue.</p>

<p>why would it be a non-issue if an applicant said he or she was majoring in math? (just curious b/c that's what i'm going to major in)</p>