I apologize for being obnoxious...

<p>but perhaps someone could help me out here as well. I find out in a week from Harvard and I'm nervous. I actually want all you brutally honest people to respond to my stats because I personally appreciate it when people give me honest feedback. It's constructive for the most part.</p>

<p>anyway, here are my stats. You guys seem to know the routine.</p>

<p>Gender: female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Grade: Senior
State: Illinois (Chicago)</p>

ACT: 34
SAT I: 2100 composite
Math: 680
CR: 710
V: 710
Math II: 730
Biology M:730
Math I: 690
A.P. Biology: 5
A.P. Calc AB: 5
A.P. Lit & Comp: 4
A.P. Microeconomics: 4
A.P. Environmental Science: 4
A.P. Statistics: 4
A.P. Chemistry:3 (this score makes me shudder)
A.P. Chinese: Will take this year
A.P. Physics C: Will take this year
A.P. Psychology: Will take this year
Will graduate with 35 credits (11 A.P.s, 19 honors, 5 non-honors)</p>

<p>Currently enrolled in A.P. Psych, A.P. Chinese, College Bridge Multivariable Calculus, A.P. Physics C, Speech and Debate, Lifetime activities, Computer Science: Java programming. I ran out of a lot of classes to take, and I prefer living an active lifestyle hence the P.E. class I'm enrolled in.</p>

<p>I have always taken the most challenging course load possible.</p>

<p>GPA (weighted): 5.11
GPA (unweighted): 3.97
Although my school doesn't technically rank I did go look it up- 5/290
-also I don't know if Harvard looks at high schools in a more specific manner but the one I attend is ranked 1st in the state. Only honors and A.P. classes are offered (except P.E. classes).</p>

Member of the varsity track and field squad for three years.
-Recipient of the Most Improved Athlete in 2006 and 2007
-recipient of the Cal. Ripken Jr. Award for perfect attendance for indoor and outdoor season (5 months has never gone by so slowly)
-Mustang award for work ethic and dedication
-2008 team Captain
-Named to the 2007-2008 Chicago Public League All City Track and Field Team (top 14 athletes in the city)
-Ranked 2nd in conference for my event</p>

<p>Irish Dancer with the Mullane Healy O'Brien Academy
-Have been dancing since 1995
-Have competed at the Mid-America Championships 7 times, with two teams each year. Have placed 2 all 7 times.
-Competed as a soloist at the Mid-America Championships 2
-Member of winning team at the North American Irish Dance championships choreography competition in 2007 and 2005, 2nd place in 2003, and 3rd place in 2006.
-I have competed in Killarny and Ennis Ireland at Rince Na Cruinne, the World Irish Dance championships (this is basically my Olympics).
-Will be competing in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the World Competition this week.
-I'm a member of a regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized dance team!</p>

<p>-Hospital Volunteer for over 2 years.
-Started a Peer Tutoring Program at my school.
-Have helped coordinate a Physics competition for the freshman at my school in order to raise participation in science related activities.
-Member of NHS
-Member of National Chinese Honor Society
-Winner of multiple debate awards, and a qualifier for the CDL City Championships.</p>

<p>-Winner of the "Harvard Book Prize"
- Illinois State Scholar
- A.P. Scholar with Distinction</p>

<p>teacher and counselor recs I am assuming were good. I read one teacher rec and it was very eloquently written so I'm hoping that helps.</p>

<p>interview was about an hour, I ended up talking about my interviewers favorite book and then she lapsed into a rant about Drew Faust and how Radcliffe college no longer exists. It was an interesting interview to say the least.</p>

<p>I know the SAT test scores are super weak by Harvard standards but my transcript is very impressive. Stanford flat out rejected me so I think that's why I am so nervous, esp. with the talented pool of students applying this year. I know its a crapshoot, but if any of you senior members out there could be brutally honest with me I would appreciate it.</p>

<p>First of all, you won't be rejected for your test scores. There actually excellent for Harvard. If you were rejected it's because you did not convince the admissions officers you were special.</p>

<p>Second, what major are you applying for?</p>

<p>I plan on a biology major. Harvard revamped their Biology course framework, so more specifically I intend on a molecular biology major. (I want to be a pediatric oncologist).</p>

<p>I've also considered doing a double major in bio and mathematics, but I know for sure I that I want to major in biology. I just haven't decided if I want math to be a major as well or a minor.</p>

<p>And your comments about my test scores come as a relief. My counselor, slightly flighty, told me with a frown that they "just aren't good enough".</p>

<p>Could you please point out the part of your transcript that is 'very impressive' by Harvard's standards.
I hate to be frank, but I'm just not seeing it. I encourage you to look over the 2011 RD thread of acceptances. You will be surprised.</p>

<p>On scores..the 2100 is slightly weak for a white female, but it won't be the basis of rejection. On the other hand a 730 Math II is quite poor considering that roughly 10% of test takers score 800. Also 730 on Bio M is less than stellar for a Bio major and lastly why take Math I and Math II, it shows limited ability on your part.<br>
Considering your SAT IIs, I just wonder how competitive that your school truly is. What is your school's history with Harvard?</p>

<p>i think her dance is special, if it's her main focus.</p>

<p>Yes, how special though?
You have to keep in mind Irish Dancing has a limited appeal.
Because it is rather unknown, much rests on the interpretation of the ADCOM</p>

1MX is being unnecessarily harsh. A 2100 means you are qualified. Also, your "excellent" 34 ACT overshadows your "good" SAT score. Your ACT score puts you in the 99+ percentile of all students. Basically, your standardized test scores are not going to keep you out.</p>

<p>Ok, your ECs are pretty good. The fact that you did a varsity sport will distinguish you from a majority of Harvard's applicant pool. The Irish dance thing is also pretty interesting. You're no "superstar" applicant who's been doing cancer research, etc. but you are pretty unique. Only weakness I see in your EC is that you don't seem to have been incharge of anything?</p>

I plan on a biology major. Harvard revamped their Biology course framework, so more specifically I intend on a molecular biology major. (I want to be a pediatric oncologist).


The major you chose may hurt you. Biology is a very competitive major. I'm not sure if women are under-represented in the biology department, if they are Affirmative Action could possibly help you get in. Did you list math as a possible major? If so, I'm almost certain females are under-represented in the math department so Affirmative Action may help you.</p>

<p>All in all, you have average chances at getting into Harvard. (Most normal kids do.)</p>

<p>Anyways, this is how elite college admissions work: MIT</a> Admissions | Blog Entry: "Many Ways To Define "The Best"".</p>

<p>Hopefully that will make you feel a little bit better. Good luck! :)</p>

<p>How many students each year does Harvard take from your school? The quota is usually the same every year (based on my high school), even if Harvard itself claims it does not place quotas on high schools.
Ditto with Stanford, which you were rejected from SCEA.</p>

<p>do you think they really look at your major? for example, if i put undecided on my app, would that be neutral then?</p>

<p>not sure.... i applied as a Math major... even though its what I actually want to study, everyone said it would help me get in because there are so few math majors (who actually knows if this is true or not so w/e)</p>

do you think they really look at your major? for example, if i put undecided on my app, would that be neutral then?


Actually it's not you major; it's the field of study you were most likely to pursue. Anyways, I would imagine that if you put "Engineering" they would focus mainly on your math and science credentials. Likewise for other fields.</p>

<p>In addition, they have to consider majors/field of study for logistic reasons. They have to make sure they admit an adequate amount of students pursuing each major.</p>

<p>By transcript I simply meant grades (none of which I posted but I've had straight As all four years), not necessarily my entire college resume. On that note, what exactly qualifies as an impressive transcript? I'm just curious (I do not ask this in a condescending manner at all).</p>

<p>As for my schools history with Harvard, there were about 60 kids who applied between 2005 and 2007, 9 of which were accepted, and of those matriculated. My school opened as one of those college prep schools only a few years ago. A lot of kids apply just to do so. Some kids have that mentality of "just to see if I can get in", but really have no intentions of going. </p>

<p>I recognize the fact that my SAT IIs were low and trust me the fact that they weren't perfect has literally torn me apart. I took other SAT IIs, I just didn't post them mainly because the day I took the other two was not exactly what I would call the best testing situation.</p>

<p>But thank you 1Mx. Your words just affirm whats been running through my head these past few weeks. I really appreciate it! Also thanks to everyone else who has replied.</p>

<p>Oh I also run FCA at my school (fellowship of Christian Athletes), and I head the peer tutoring Program that I created this year for underclassman.</p>

<p>and I'm captain of the entire women's track and field squad... if that counts as being in charge of anything.</p>

<p>"Ranked 2nd in conference for my event" </p>

<p>What's your event/time?</p>

and I'm captain of the entire women's track and field squad... if that counts as being in charge of anything.


How could you have put that on your application? Track season just started...</p>

<p>i put it on mine. the coach told me before the season started that i was gonna be a captain. plus she did indoor. not sure when that starts but i'm pretty sure it's before jan 1.</p>

<p>Oh sorry, I meant to put captain of 2007 and 2008 seasons. The coaches sit down at the end of each season and decide the new captains for the following season.</p>

<p>and my track season has been in since 2nd week of January, but Chicago Public Schools don't seem to do anything in a normal manner.</p>

<p>well i think you have a good chance if you really showed your passion in your application.</p>

<p>btw, if i put social studies as my field of study, would that work with or against me? is it a very popular field of study?</p>

<p>Many teams elect captains at the end of the season when the leadership qualities of the different rising seniors are still fresh in the team and coaches' minds. She could have found out last spring...</p>

<p>What were your essays about?</p>

<p>How did you get interested in Chinese?</p>

<p>What did your GC say about your rejection at Stanford?</p>