I applied months ago! Why haven't I heard anything?

<p>I applied the first week of July. All of my transcripts, scores, and reccs were recieved by the second week of August. I applied for summer 2010 and UCF operates on rolling admissions. Shouldn't I have gotten a response by now???</p>

<p>What we were told a couple of years ago when our son applied was that they either accept you, reject you, or wait for additional info i.e. future test scores or 7th semester grades before making a decision. We were told that if you do not hear anything it doesn't mean you've been rejected, but you may be in that last group ... where they are waiting on stuff. However, they also make errors; it's been known to happen. So, you could call admissions (or email) them and ask about your status, citing your lengthy wait. </p>


<p>They usually take up to a month, if i was you i would call them to make sure that theres no missing information. Also check your MyUCF as much as possible if they need anything they would post it there. I applied and it took them almost two months to accept me because they made several mistakes that took time for them to fix.</p>