I-bank HIGH SCHOOL internships

<p>Hi again guys,</p>

<p>Thanks for answering all my questions about Harvard and Haas etc. Along a similar subject, does anyone have any leads to promising summer internships for graduating high school seniors interested in i-banking/finance. I've searched intensively for days, but all I turn up with are undergrad college student internships. I know I can't get anything spectacular as a high school student, but I'd love something at least somewhat relevant to the field, entry-level is absolutely fine. I live in the bay area, CA by the way. Thanks for any info!</p>

<p>Offer to work for free at a boutique; you will have to work your A$$ off to be considered --unless you have connections. Your title will probably be "the high school coffee boy." You will probably be doing, if accepted somewhere, all the menial work (looking for burgers, coffee, dry-cleaning stuff, etc.) The benefits: opportunity to network and to watch closely what goes on in the field. Expect nothing more; you will be lucky if you are even considered. </p>

<p>SF/Palo Alto should be fertile ground for your hunt.</p>

<p>Then again, I'll warn you--I am not an expert on this AT ALL. That's my 0.00002 cents</p>

<p>lol... well thank God i had connections (aka my dad, who is a VP of NEC)</p>

<p>anyway, if youre really qualified, just sign up anyway. seriously, just take some intiative, thats what i woulda done</p>

<p>just be persistent!!~</p>

<p>kenneth so I'm guessing you're loaded up the ass and have a pretty nice house and lifestyle? VP of NEC...thats awesome.</p>

<p>ok.... dont have to be so offensive dude</p>

<p>besides, he just got that job within the last year, we were extremely poor before that (aka sub-100k club)</p>

<p>thats why we live in a FLIPPIN TOWNHOUSE
but then i still have to pay full ride for college, cuz of the exponential raise in income... -______-</p>

<p>bro i wasn't being offensive at all...I thought it would sweet if you were loaded. I envy all my friends who's fathers are exec's of companies and have mansion while I live nowhere near as well off as them. Its my dream to live that American dream..sorry if it came off the wrong way and congrats to your dad on the job.</p>

<p>HAHA sub 100k is poor now.. sorry. Just had to laugh.</p>

<p>Yeah, 100k is like rick to me. haha</p>

<p>Wow. I am amazed at the maturity level of this forum, as reflected on this thread. (sighs)</p>

<p>Technically, the mark to be "wealthy" is at 120K. And, middle class is 50-60K (higher or lower in some metros). So, "sub-100K" is not poor.</p>

<p>i was pertaining to slightly more than "middle class"</p>

<p>AND we live in the bay area, aka a 1400sq feet town house is 600K</p>

<p>cost of living: dont even get me started</p>

<p>anyway, can we plz stop talking about my family's fiscal abilities?? </p>

<p>ps, happy new year everyone</p>

<p>u guys consider 120,000 wealthy, where do you guys live?</p>

<p>IT all depends on the cost of living in your area. A million dollar house in California will get you a 3 bedroom, 20 year old house. A million dollars in texas will get you a 10 bedroom, 3 year old house.</p>