i-banking recruitment at Goizueta

<p>I've recently begun seriously considering i-banking. I've been accepted to Emory with a very nice scholarship, so it is very likely that I will be going.</p>

<p>How heavily are goizueta grads recruited? Do these grads usually stay in the south? How many land wall street internships?</p>

<p>how do you feel about the 2-year program vs 4 years?</p>

<p>My other consideration is medicine. which is stronger at emory: pre-med or business?</p>


<p>I am graduating this year from Goziueta and a lot of my friends and peers are going into I-banking from the BBA program here. Lots of companies come here, most of the big banks to interview students. I got interviewed by 5-7 ibanks. With this said, it is very hard to land an actual job as an ibanker the spots are very competitive and you have to know your stuff. If you really want it you can get internships on wall street and a job as an ibanker!</p>

<p>I love the 2 year program...4 years of straight business would have been too much for me! i liked exploring the liberal arts my first two years here and getting to know all my classmates instead of people just in business!</p>

<p>I wouldn't have considered a 4 year program. 2 years is great - plus you get to take three or four pre-requisites as a fresh./soph., so your always in the B school somewhat your first two years.</p>

<p>Goizueta grads. are definitely recruited - but you have to be proactive when it comes to I-banking. I landed an internship this summer @ an I-bank and I think thats the best ticket to landing a job post-graduation.</p>

<p>Accounting positions are also very heavily recruited @ Goizueta if your interested in that - I'm all for the accounting major just not working @ an accounting firm. </p>

<p>Medicine (pre-med) is a very strong track. It's hard to say which is "better," though it really depends on which you like. You could do both. I would die going pre-med track; then again, i'm not into medicine...</p>

<p>You can't be ranked consistently top 5 in Businessweek's rankings and not be recruited by i-banking firms. Since you are getting scholarship aid you should do well at goizueta. </p>

<p>Emory offers NBB (neuroscience and Behavioral Biology ) for pre-med students. Only a few undergraduate colleges offers that...do further research on NBB if you decide on doing pre-med.</p>

<p>thanks guys. I will look up NBB, CollegeStudent.</p>

<p>another quetion. Yes goizueta is ranked in top 5 in Newsweek rankings, but why is it ranked considerably lower in other rankings (US News)</p>

<p>Goizueta at Emory was ranked #5 by Business Week (#4 previous year, #5 year before that).</p>

<p>As for USNW, it was #4 in 2006, but I have no idea where it was in 2007 or 2008 (I don't even think the 2008 number are out yet).</p>

<p>As far as I-Banking, students get recruited, but it's not as close to NY some other schools--so getting that I-banking job can be a little tougher than at a place like Wharton or NYU--but it's still a highly sought-after school. (And, of course, with the demise of Bear Stearns, this may not be the best year for IB-jobs--but I'm sure that will change by the time of your graduation).</p>

<p>P.S. Keep in mind that you will have to reapply to Goizueta during your sophomore year (for junior year attendance)--so make sure your GPA at Emory is 3.4 or higher during the first couple of years.</p>

<p>To actually get an internship at an I-Bank, theres generally a minimum 3.5 GPA required. I would say you need a 3.7+ to be competitive.</p>

<p>How does IBanking recruitment at Emory, with a fixed business program, compare to that of a school like UChicago, with a really good econ major?</p>