I-Banking vs Medicine vs Law

<p>not sure where to put this thread...
I've seen individual posts on all 3, but let's have a unified discussion right here which is "better"</p>

<p>i'm goign to leave it pretty open. feel free to discuss $, hours, enjoyment, competitiveness (turn-over rate), schooling etc</p>

<p>uhh isn this a bit general a topic</p>

<p>If you don't mind me asking, what is your race/ethnicity? Please don't answer the question if you feel uncomfortable at all. I just want to see if you are the race I think you are. </p>

<p>The question is directed to JohnC613</p>

<p>Where's the none of the above option? All three are very stressful with long hours.</p>

<p>All will get you lots of money, all have long hours and are stressful (as ken mentioned), all are very competitive, medicine does require a little longer schooling, and enjoyment varies from person to person and depends on what each person is passionate about</p>

<p>All of them can be very rewarding...</p>

<p>Lawyer = the pwnage for rewarding experience (Writing books all day and pwning the other team over technicalities and philosophy! Boo-yah!)</p>

<p>I-banking = Between rewarding experience and the big bucks (Destroying other businesses and leeching their funds from their dead corpses....woot!)</p>

<p>Medicine = Pretty crappy life, but lots of $ (Hello sir, let me see your tongue. ok, your not sick, come back next week. Cya! O yea, here's the $500 bill for your appointment as well sir, have a good day!)</p>