I can’t edit my Common App experiences for future submissions after my first submission?

I feel like this should be something we’re able to do.

The Common App tells you that you can’t edit/delete your experiences, awards, etc. in your first application after you submit. Okay, cool. I was aware of that when I submitted my first application. But I didn’t think that would apply to my unsubmitted applications? Now I can’t edit or delete the experiences I put for the first application, which I didn’t put a ton of thought into.

The Common App website even says “ You can return at any time and change your answer to any question in the Common App tab for future submissions. Remember, the changes won’t appear in applications that you have already submitted and you cannot make any changes to submitted applications.”…that totally makes it seem like you can edit your application after your first submission for your other colleges!

There’s a certificate I put for a Continuing Education course as a placeholder until I could scan the real certificate, and now I apparently can’t change it? I would really prefer to be able to add the more appropriate certificate.

Not to be dramatic, but I feel screwed. I’ve read that in the past, you can make “alternate versions” of the application for your other submissions…why can’t we still do that?

If you have any insight, please answer! I would be so grateful.

Have you even tried to update anything? I can edit everything in mine with no issues.

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Yes! And I talked to a Common App rep, and they also made it seem like I can’t edit my experiences/awards after my first submission. They gave me a list of things we can edit for our submissions to other colleges, and experiences/awards weren’t on there. I know we can add more experiences/awards, but I want to edit the entries I’ve already made!

I’m applying as a transfer, but I don’t see why that should change anything.

Maybe it’s a transfer thing. I don’t even see experiences/awards on mine.