I can't believe how few threads there are on here.

<p>There is only one thread on this whole board, and it's about food, so I figured I'd try to spark some discussion. 2013, maybe we should introduce ourselves?</p>

<p>I just got my rejections from Wellesley and Georgetown. If I'm not in at Tufts or Brown, I am going to Wells. So I figured I'd post, since this is probably the case...</p>

<p>I was accepted Early Action for the Class of 2013. Wells is (was) my safety school. I've been to tons of dinners and open houses for Wells, so if anyone has questions between now and fall, maybe I can help if there are no admissions staff on here.</p>

<p>Anyway, my name is Molly. I'm from Rochester, New York (an hour away from Wells). If you're reading this, hopefully I'll be seeing you in August, or perhaps even sooner if you attend an April open-house.</p>

<p>Cheers, and best of luck to everyone.</p>

<p>Molly, I'm not at Wells, but I just wanted to tell you that I don't think you'll be alone there in your situation. Wells was also my safety, and I know a lot of people who have gone on there after not getting accepted to their top choices and who have been very happy. I sat in on a few classes there, and while the 100-level courses didn't impress me much, the upper-level ones seemed surprisingly intense and enjoyable. If you can make it past the "weeder" year, I think you'll be fine. :) Good luck!</p>