i can't believe i chose UCLA

<p>When decisions came out for ucla, and i got in, i was like "oh, that's cool," not even seriously considering it at all. it was all about berkeley to me. And then a week later, i got into berkeley woo hoo!!!! so i was sure i was going to berk, nothing was going to stop me (even that financial aid stuff i've talked about in the past). i even SIRed there at first.</p>

<p>in the end, i chose UCLA. And so i'm going to a way different place than what i first expected.</p>

<p>who else ended up choosing a school they had not intended on? stories!</p>

<p>Same here, i got accept to Berkeley for Econ and UCLA for Biz Econ. At the end, i chose UCLA over Berkeley.. I had been struggle for a month to decide what should i go for my future two year of unversity. The main reason is a frd of mine told me the most important thing to a Econ major student is "NetWorking." I believe UCLA had a better networkiing than Berkeley. THerefore... UCLA~!</p>

<p>I was rooting for LA for my two years, I went to Berkeley (1st time really exploring the campus aside from seeing it as a younger kid) and had a great time, got accepted into Berkeley.... Chose Berkeley after thinking about it.</p>

<p>i can't believe i chose Berkeley either...i was set on UCLA...at Berkeley i'll be a grown ass woman. :(</p>

<p>imma miss my mami :(</p>


<p>I chose UCD over UCLA and Cal. That was unexpected.</p>

what is ur reason and why u choose UCD?</p>

<p>because im not a prestige whore? =D</p>

<p>ahah jk. too many reasons to spell out here.</p>

<p>i was in the same situation like u when i narrow down my choice( UCD UCB UCLA)... I didnt have a high expectation during the first year in my cc, i thought i was going to be happy if i transfer to Davis.. because many of my frd wen tto davis.. However, i got into the LA and Berkeley as well.. so i was stuck</p>

<p>I ended up at Berkeley after taking four classes at UCLA as a CC visiting student, going to most of the Bruins home games every football season for the last several years, finding a roommate and apartment at LA, living in LA for a good chunk of my life (most of my friends and family are here,) and just generally having a huge pile of reasons to go to LA. Yup yup... guess you never know what you'll decide when it really comes down to it.</p>

<p>I was going to go to Berkeley without a doubt, but then I realized that my main reason for going was because of prestige. and then I realized that this is undergraduate and they could care less where you attend. I'm glad I'm staying down here in SoCal and not joining some school because of its rankings!</p>

<p>I thought I was going to Cal Poly SLO, now I'm going to UCSD and I'm STOKED. I absolutely loveee the city, can't wait to get there!</p>

<p>yeah life is crazy</p>

<p>gotta love it</p>

<p>I had my heart set on UCLA, and now I'm going there this fall.....so I don't know how to relate. <em>shrug</em> :)</p>

<p>Well, you made the right choice.</p>

<p>I had my heart set on UCLA and got in. Then I got into Berkeley and I went through a month long period of indecision, and decided on UCLA.</p>

<p>seems majority choose LA over Berkeley, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BRUINSSSSSSSSSSS~!</p>

<p>wanted UCLA and I am going to UCLA never swayed haha go Bruins!</p>

<p>I always had UCLA as my first choice but my second choice got flipped around almost at the last second. Originally I had CSULB as my second choice and UCSB as my third. After visiting both schools, as well as UCLA, I decided that no matter what I wasn't going to go to CSULB. So UCSB became my second choice.</p>

<p>All of my professors, my friends, even myself had been convinced that I was more the Berkeley type instead of the UCLA type. I remember visiting Berkeley in 2007, being totally enamored with the energy on camous. The past two years were all for getting into Cal, but I was more excited to see the acceptances from UCLA and USC for some strange reason. I just spent my Memorial Day weekend in Oakland, and I knew that the Bay Area wasn't the place for me for the next two years.</p>

<p>I can't believe it's not butter.</p>

<p>Chose UCD over UCSD after dreaming about going to UCSD for a couple of years</p>