I can't decide between Mech E and ECE...

<p>Ok, I took an Intro to ECE course and I didn't do too well, and 2/3 of the semester was focusing on EE stuff (circuits/signals, etc) and I had no motivation for it. In fact, I guess I somewhat detested it. The other 1/3 was CpE stuff (boolean math, logic states, K-maps) and I found that somewhat more enjoyable. But...I have to decide now between Mech E and ECE. I was going to take the Intro to mech E in the spring, but I might have to retake the ECE course to get a higher grade, so whatever Intro I take next semester will end up being my major, and if I end uyp choosing the other, i'll probably end up a semester behind because these intros are pre-reqs to all the upper level courses in their respective majors. So, tbh, I'm leaning Mechanical Engineering. I loved AP Physics, the math, solving , everything. I went for ECE is because I always loved technology and computers, but now that I see what the field/career will lead me, I'm beginning to think if it is a hobby or actually a career for me.</p>

<p>So...where do Mech E's end up? My school lands ECE's in great places, and Mech E's as well, but my dad keeps saying they only go to automobile companies, and he wants me to stick with ECE. In the end, it is my choice, but I need to be 100000% sure.</p>

<p>Are there things I can think about that would he,p me decide? Suggestions? I'm torn...</p>

<p>You said you liked the CPE stuff take a look at that perhaps. A word of caution, if you are having trouble with the entry level coursework it only gets harder as you get deeper so based on that you may want to talk to your adviser/councilor about switching majors they would or at least should be able to give you a better feel for each major. Also mechEs do more than just work for car companies. I don't know a ton of them but those that I do know are employed anywhere from places like Lockheed Martin to Livermore Labs.</p>

<p>Well the school I attend only offers ECE as a combined dual degree, so I'd have to suffer through that.The intro was designed to be hard, and I love challenge, but I didn't feel motivated. </p>

<p>And yeah, I know my Dad's views are narrow for Mech E's...</p>

<p>College</a> of Engineering-Career and Professional Development Center - Carnegie Mellon University can let you know where students in different engineering majors go after graduation.</p>

<p>Yes I've looked at that, and it's fine by me. I can even go for a CpE/ECE graduate degree if I choose to later on.</p>

<p>I'm just trying to solidify my choice, but can't seem to figure out how.</p>

<p>Kinda depends on your true interests. </p>

<p>ME was a way for DS to go into HCI. Along the way he did robotics, and now does Apps design which means he has to know some languages and coding. Hobbys in electronic/electrical/machined knicknacks and photography. </p>

<p>Get your act together. And get motivated because it gets not only harder but your classmates are going to leave you behind.</p>

<p>I mean, I'm interested in both. But I'm starting to think my computer interests are more hobby related and physics/MechE is more academic interests. </p>

<p>And for picking up my slack, don't worry. My GPA so far has been a reality check.</p>