I can't decide what to major in!

<p>I don't have the slightest idea of what to major in because I'm an all around student and can't specifically choose my major (or genre of a major). Any ideas?</p>

3.92 GPA
4.11 weighted GPA</p>

<p>I took AP Euro this year and got a 5.
I will be taking AP Chem, AP Psych, AP US, AP Comp, and AP 2D Art next year (junior year).</p>

-cultural dance
-photography (Art Honor Society)
-student council
-yearbook club
-marching band</p>

-senior home
-peer tutor</p>

-old people
-creative writing
-film (watching classics, creating my own movies)
-party planning (planning in general)
-vintage era
-traveling the world
-philosophy (and getting into debates) </p>

<p>Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks for reading this!</p>

<p>Based solely on the information you provided, these possibilities (in various combinations of majors and/or minors):</p>

<p>cultural dance, band (music), travel---->cultural anthropology/ethnomusicology
photography, yearbook, art, comp, writing, blogging, film---->graphic design, photography, art, digital media, film, marketing/advertising
writing, blogging---->English/creative writing, writing (professional/technical)?, journalism
senior home, old people---->gerontology/human development, social work, health care administration?
travel, party planning---->hotel administration
philosophy, getting into debates---->philosophy, religion?, politics/rhetoric/communication?</p>

<p>Of course, several of these of these might not offer the best immediate employment prospects.</p>

<p>Any foreign languages? Math?</p>

<p>I take Italian and I am not at all interested in math, but thank you for all the various majors. I still have to choose one.</p>



<p>Umm...lol? You seem like a humanities person. But I'd look into a communications major if I were you (Ithaca College FTW!)</p>

<p>I love volunteering at the senior home, therefore, I like old people.</p>

<p>Communications is exactly what came to mind for me too.</p>